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Our Code with Parents

We actively encourage a cordial home/school relationship/partnership which gives the children an edge. It fosters confidence in the children and assist them in feeling secure and cherished as they find their bearings quickly. Our parents feel their views and their thoughts are respected. There is continuum of care for the child between the home and the school. The teachers and caregivers learn more about the children. All the children’s interest are met.

Parents are expected to:

  • Pay fees when due.
  • Attend parents teachers conferences/open day, parents forum, concerts and parents education seminars.
  • Supervise homework and ensure prompt submission of same.
  • All books and reading scheme books should be returned in good condition. Where the books are lost or destroyed, those books must be replaced by parent.
  • Give adequate support for child at home.

The admission points for our school are the Nursery, Reception and year 1.

Occasionally however, spaces may be available and thus offered to the children. Assessment and observation are vital to the entry process at Juniper to ensure that the child would fit in properly at the school and excel at both internal and external examinations. Unfortunately, at present we do not possess the resources to assist children with severe special needs.